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1. Application

Following the instructions fill out the project description , project budget , and program agenda (if needed), and send them to sidp@auca.kg with <SIDP application “Insert name of the project here”> in subject line.

2. Interview

After reviewing your project proposal, SIDP coordinator will invite you for a discussion of your project proposal. During the interview, SIDP coordinator clarifies the details of your project, determines your motivation and gives feedback on the project.

3. Revision

If you do not have a clear idea what a project will look like, you will be given more time to review and finalize the project. The goal of this stage is to help you understand the projects better, and submit the applications to the advisory commission.

4. Approval Process

The advisory committee reviews a project and makes a decision to fund, partially fund, or deny funding for the project within five (5) working days. The committee also  gives recommendations, advice, and suggestions for implementing, changing, and finalizing the project.

5. Documents

SIDP coordinator sends you a copy of SIDP Charter and a schedule of individual meetings to the student by e-mail.

6. Coordinator Agreement

After signing the project coordinator agreement, you can receive the requested funding to implement your project.