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Project Description

Initial situation / problem statement

Art is a sphere, which is not yet developed in Kyrgyzstan, therefore it is essentially important to promote it. Since the future of the country is in the hands of youth, this project aims at providing an opportunity to learn about painting to children from orphanages, addressing another issue of social status. Moreover, the project gathers young female participants, who share their works of art, thus it addresses the issue with gender equality among females.

The project is to promote art among female youth and children. Children from 4 orphanages of Bishkek (Voenno-Antonovskyi, SOS children villages, Elistan, Svetlyi Put’) will be given an opportunity to learn about drawing and painting, thus revealing their hidden talents, which may change their future. Besides children, only young female will be eligible to participate, addressing the issue of gender equality for women.

Goal Statement

To promote art among female youth and orphans through painting, sculpture, graphics and applied art exhibition at AUCA on April 30, 2017.

Target group

The first target audience is the children of 4 orphanages in Bishkek (Voenno-Antonovskyi, SOS children villages, Elistan, Svetlyi Put`) in the age groups of 5-7 years old and 10-13 years old. These children do not have an opportunity to learn about painting and art, thus cannot reveal their hidden talents. This project will help to reveal them, thus may completely change their future in a positive way.

The second target audience is young women of 15-25 years old of any background from Bishkek. Supposedly, the main flow of  them will come from Kyrgyz-Slavic university (KRSU) and Kyrgyz State University of Transport and Architecture Construction. The women may come from various backgrounds and with different income levels, yet there is a relatively small number of art events they could participate in. Therefore, it will definitely interest them and give an opportunity to share their works and get more popular as artists.

Resources and responsibilities

There are about 14 people in the team for the project preparation. There are 4 main organizers who are in charge of planning, logistics, procurement and PR as well as 10 members who will be in charge of implementing actions under the supervision. This includes procurements, setting up the equipment, greeting guests, leading groups and etc.

The resources are the following: conference hall, sound and video equipment, transportation of participants and volunteers, printing materials, photo and video materials, certificates for participants, coffee break food, prizes for participants, stationery supplies for painting master classes conducted to teach children, media support in terms of camera, sound and video specialist, people from security, and a janitor.

Partnerships and cooperation

The main partners of the project are: Ministry of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, American University of Central Asia, American Councils for International Education Kyrgyzstan, Chuikov Art School, Gapar Aitiev Art Museum,, and “Karandashkin” stationery store.

  1. Ministry of Culture will help to promote the event and recruit finalists.
  2. AUCA will provide venue and a quality photo and video materials of the event.
  3. Chuikov Art School will provide specialists for jury and will help to select finalists.
  4. will share the results of the event through its website and other means of social media.
  5. “Karandashkin“ stationery store will provide prizes for female participants (30 sketch books).


Even though the grant was already received from American Councils for International Education NGO, the project was expanded and became connected to children. So the funds that were requested before were only taking into account female participants. Now, when the scope of the project is much larger, there is a problem of obtaining the main set of supplies and prizes for orphans, who deserve it the most. Before the actual exhibition day, our volunteers from Architecture departments of KRSU are going to hold a series of intense 2-week workshops in order to teach children how to paint. From now on, they plan to continue this endeavor each year and develop hidden talents of orphans, giving them an opportunity to develop mentally and physically.

In case of  failure with project funding, we will have to cut the number of participants and teach only a few children, considering the fact that painting supplies are quite expensive.

Timeframe and milestones

April 3-6- Beginning of the recruitment process among female participants, call for works of art in the following directions: painting, sculpture, graphics, applied art.

April 10- 24- 2-week intense workshop for the children of 4 orphanages.

April 12- Invitation to the exhibition are distributed to guests.

April 24- Deadline for the submission of works by female participants.

April 26- The finalists are announced so they can start preparing fort the exhibition.

April 21- First day of the event. 30 children from 4 orphanages are taken on tours to Chukov Art College, Gapar Aitive Museum, and Bayalinov Library.

April 30- Exhibition day.

Contact information

Zhamilia Klycheva +(996)554-414-792 –