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Project Description

Initial situation / problem statement

The national conflict in Osh in 2010 has left a big impression on a people, that is why there is even now the tension between two main nationalities – Kyrgyz and Uzbek. Teenagers cannot make friends, because parents told them to not to be friends with children of other nationalities, that is why there is a stereotype among the teenagers.

As we were born and grew up in Osh, we saw many examples in our lives connected with conflict, that affected our relatives, friends and acquaintances.  Consequently, we know the problem from its inner side. There are separate districts to live for two nationalities, also separate schools for children. Even in the schools that are located in the center of the city and in universities my Uzbek friends faces the problems of discrimination, because their teachers lower their grades. One of my friends Begayim, who agreed to tell her problem, said that she was discriminated mainly by her teachers of Kyrgyz language in school and university because of her nationality. And Osh has millions of such kind of stories.

The main problem is tension between two main nationalities. The city is divided into districts, where only people of one nationality can live. As a result, people cannot or afraid to enter some districts, and people mainly give their children to the schools in appropriate districts, that is why teenagers are not able to communicate with each other. They cannot learn what is tolerance. In our opinion, if the situation will continue in the same manner, it may bring us another national conflict in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

Now our siblings live in Osh, and we want them to grow up in a healthy community, where they will be able to express themselves. Moreover, we want the same for other children of Osh.

Goal Statement

Decrease conflict sensitivity and develop leadership skills for 80 (1st group in November 2017, the 2nd group in January 2018) teenagers of age 14-18 through a series of workshops and social activities in Osh.

Target group

Project will include workshops and activities for 80 teenagers, who were the victims of conflict in Osh in 2010.

Resources and responsibilities

We have a team of two people, who is working on this project. Project has a goal to create a good environment for cooperation and friendship between the members of project, that is why we need the place (conference hall) for conducting this workshop.

Partnerships and cooperation

We want to cooperate with other youth organizations in Osh.

Erlan Kamalov (Academic Advisor of Enactus Osh SU) – 0772 750 705

Iskander Subankulov (ISA IT- service and entrepreneur) – 0555170700

Abdymanapov Mederbek (Youth of Osh) – 0558406419


We are asking for help with our travel costs to Osh and with providing coffee break to participants.

Timeframe and milestones

Project will start on 25th of October, 2017 and finish on 24th of March, 2018.

Contact information

Aidai Atakulova – +(996)556-088-019 – aidaiatakulova@gmail.com

Akmaral Azhimamatova – +(996)552-129-656 – azhimamatovaa@gmail.com

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