TIFE 2.0

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Project Description

Initial situation / problem statement

  1. About 700, 000 Kyrgyzstan citizens are labor migrants abroad.
  2. Seven percent of Kyrgyzstan’s population is unemployed.
  3. Every fourth person is considered to be on poverty level and have problems with access to professional education.   
  4. The inability of recent university graduates to apply theoretical knowledge in practice is cited as the main reason for unemployment.

Teenagers In Free Enterprise (TIFE) was created to help high school students learn more about business using real-life case studies and mentorship. This online project involves participants from different cities, regions and even countries, and helps children to create a network with educational purpose that underscores practical business skills. Students practice skills and earn real money while learning about potential university and professional opportunities.  

Goal Statement

  1. To use a website where high school students will be able to learn business and leadership using case study and project based methods
  2. To conduct an online business education program and small projects competition


To provide practical business skills and mentorship in an online platform.

Target group

High school students ages 15-18. Project has involved 580 participants from five countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine covering 43 cities and villages.

Partnerships and cooperation

  1. American University in Central Asia provides building space and scholarships for TIFE project winners.
  2. American University of Central Asia IT office provides certificates for trainings and winners.
  3. Local and international media partners share information about the project with a wider audience outside of Kyrgyzstan.
  4. Youth organizations and youth opinion-makers for TIFE.

Contact information

Arina Aparina  +(996)700-019-890 – aparinar@gmail.comtifeproject@gmail.com

Project website: www.tife.kg

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