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Project Description

Initial situation / problem statement

The demand for the Kyrgyz language in our republic is increasing. Kyrgyz language is required for many positions in our country. However, there is one general problem: there is no any application, which can contribute to learning new Kyrgyz words and explain Kyrgyz grammar.

We decided to develop a mobile application because there is a trend that people, especially students prefer portable devices such as mobile phones rather than desktop computers and laptops. One of the reasons for this is financial factors. Not everyone in Kyrgyzstan has the opportunity to buy a laptop, the average price of which is $400-$500. On the other hand, the prices of Android phones start at $100. In this project, we will concentrate on quality not quantity. That means that we will have a limited amount of functions, but these functions will be effective in the learning process.

Goal Statement

Increase knowledge of Kyrgyz language of at least 20,000 citizens of Kyrgyzstan through the mobile application, which will have necessary functions for learning Kyrgyz grammar and vocabulary. This plan will be realized within the year of 2017.

Target group

Every person in Kyrgyzstan and abroad will be able to use our application. However, we consider 3 primary target groups:

  1. Students (age 15-23). They will use the application in their everyday activities and as a complement to their courses of Kyrgyz language.
  2. Graduates of universities (age 24-40) These people will use our application for their job needs. They will be able to improve their Kyrgyz language with various exercises.
  3. Tourists that plan to visit Kyrgyzstan. The application will help them to learn basic concepts of Kyrgyz language in order to cooperate with the local community.

Resources and responsibilities

Human resources required: 1 linguist, 1 project manager, 1 designer, 5 IT specialists.

Partnerships and cooperation

The main partner of the project is local IT company “TimelySoft” that we hired to build and maintain the actual app.  The company has agreed not only to build the app, but also maintain and improve it.


1550 USD to IT specialists to build the app.

250 USD to project coordinator (as a student stipend of 50 USD per month for 5 months )

Contact information

Talantbekov Kairat  + (996)557-996-009 – talantbekov_k@auca.kg

Learn more at: www.tili.kg