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Project Description

Initial situation / problem statement

The problem addressed by this project is related to the poor system of education at orphanage and village schools in Talas region. There is not enough resources to support English language self-learners. Schools lack English language, math, IT professional teachers, and libraries lack proper English textbooks. Students do not usually have access to internet. Schools and orphanage students are often discriminated according to their social status. Having a lack of physical activity and spending too much time at home have become a habit for them. They have a lot of free time, but spend it unproductively.

Goal Statement

To create free “Summer School 2017” in Talas region. To help develop education, teach English language intensively, improve IT and leadership skills of at least 40 students from orphanages and low-income families. Exchange methods of AUCA New Generation Academy (NGA), AUCA professors, Peace Corps, and AIESEC volunteers with village teachers. Change a culture of discrimination of students, and retain the unity. Keep healthy lifestyle of youth.

Target group

The target is students from orphanages and low-income families of the ages 12-15. These young people faced many difficulties in their lives and studies. There is not enough moral and financial support for these students from society. However, most of them have potential and motivation to study. 

Resources and responsibilities

The resources needed for project implementation: classroom, materials to conduct study activities, office supplies to conduct team buildings and different activities. The key responsibilities of project members are to create a study plan, hold classes, conduct time management and motivation trainings.

Partnerships and cooperation

  • American Councils office in Talas
  • Peace Corps Volunteers, Native English Speakers
  • AIESEC Global Volunteer Exchange Program
  • FLEX Alumni
  • AUCA New Generation Academy Alumni & volunteers
  • 3 NGA and 3 AUCA professors & coordinators

The expected results

To get well-educated future participants of FLEX , US-CAEF and NGA programs. To have ambitious, creative, and motivated leaders who realize their potential to learn English. To unite youth and have well-prepared students for TOEFL, Math, IT tests with communication, networking skills. Eventually, this project is going to bring a positive change in the life of youth.

Contact information

Elvira Kuvandykova  +(996)703-636-996, +(996)557-636-996 –