TIFE 2.0


Initial situation / problem statement About 700, 000 Kyrgyzstan citizens are labor migrants abroad. Seven percent of Kyrgyzstan's population is unemployed. Every fourth person is considered to be on poverty level and have problems with access to professional education.    The inability of recent university graduates to apply theoretical knowledge in practice is cited [...]



Initial situation / problem statement The demand for the Kyrgyz language in our republic is increasing. Kyrgyz language is required for many positions in our country. However, there is one general problem: there is no any application, which can contribute to learning new Kyrgyz words and explain Kyrgyz grammar. We decided to develop a [...]

From Heart to Heart


Initial situation / problem statement In rural areas of Kyrgyzstan, there are people with disabilities who are vulnerable and face unemployment. As a result, most of the people with limited mobility feel themselves unnecessary, useless and abandoned by society, and some of them have their own talents. People often lack the knowledge and [...]